Understanding The Cougar

Understanding the Cougar

Gain some insight from these articles in order to prepare yourself for the seduction and your relationship.

  1. MainStreet Cougar Dating Money Rules: Get some insight into the needs and wants of older women in this article, which claims that “it’s not money that cougars are after.”
  2. Why do older women date younger men?: This article points out different reasons why cougars have flings with younger men, including the ability to be in charge and call all the shots.
  3. Cougars and Their Cubs: Read an interview with a lifelong cougar to discover some of the appeal of dating younger men.
  4. Older Woman, Younger Man Relationships: MSNBC’s 2003 article takes a look at what was then considered a “pioneering” cougar moment.
  5. Dating definition: cougar: Read this silly but somewhat accurate definition of a cougar.
  6. What Older Women Want in a Man: This tongue-in-cheek checklist will give you an idea of whether or not you’ll make the cut.
  7. The Secret Lives of Single Women: Find out how single women really feel about their independence.
  8. How to Date a Divorced Woman: Many cougars looking for younger men are divorced, so understand what you’re getting into by reading this article.
  9. Pursuing Successful Women: Learn how to snag a successful, independent woman here.
  10. What to Do When She’s More Successful: If you become threatened by your cougar’s superior success and status, read this article to help calm you down.

Are More Older Women With Younger Men?

Younger men have undoubtedly been dating older women for decades, but only in the last several years has there been a more public display of this type of cross generational affection. But what is it that older women find attractive in younger men, and vice versa? Find that out and more in this ultimate guide to pursuing and dating cougars.

Before You Start

There are definitely some things you should consider before going after a cougar, from knowing how to keep older women interested and engaged to bracing yourself for disapproving friends and family.

  1. Know your goals: Do you want a fling or a serious relationship that will leave you set for life financially? Narrowing down your goals will help you zero in on the right kind of cougar.
  2. Do your research: The most sought after cougars are smart and sophisticated, so make sure you have enough to talk about.
  3. Know how to please a woman: Older women who are dating younger men expect a lot of attention and enthusiasm in the sack, so don’t disappoint.
  4. Be ready to be available: Don’t waste your time if you’re going to play hard to get. You’re the boy toy in this scenario, so be ready to go out on dates whenever she wants.
  5. Shower compliments on her whenever appropriate: Make your cougar feel attractive and young again by showing her off to friends and showering her with compliments.
  6. It’s not going to be all about you: Sure, you’re there to make her feel special and sexy in front of her friends, but the whole game is more about fulfilling her needs than yours.
  7. Understand the social stigma: If you’re not planning on getting serious, you may want to keep your relationship on the DL, because there’s still a social stigma attached to cross-generational dating.
  8. Use a condom: If your cougar is past menopause, you still need to use a condom to protect against STDs.
  9. Beware of legal battles: Understand that your cougar’s children might call a lawyer if you suddenly replace them in their mother’s will.
  10. Get defensive: If you’re legitimately looking for a long term relationship with an older woman, be careful of those cougars who just want a fling with a younger man.
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